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Real-time Database
Real-time Database Overview
Real-time Database used in different areas
Some characteristics of the openPlant Real-time Da
Some characteristics of the openPlant Real-time Da

openPlant real time database system which is developed by magus can be used in large distributed production process data automatic retrieving, storing and monitoring ,it’s enterprise real time data manage platform, including openPlant data interface, openPlant real time/history database core module , openPlant distributes Web application plant form, openPlant application development interface and tools.

Some characteristic of the openPlant real time database:
Enterprise level real time platform
Distributed architecture which fullfill the group demand
Real time access to the whole plant data
High efficiency of data compression and long term historic storage
Support on line calculation and statics
Professional picture simulation technology,
Abundant client tools
Excellent Cross platform performance, support Unix/Linux/Windows operating system
Open interfaces, such as API/DDE/ODBC/JDBC/OPC
260,000 points 100000 hours steady run experience
Support remote access
Personal customized service

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