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Real-time Database
Real-time Database Overview
Real-time Database used in different areas
Some characteristics of the openPlant Real-time Da
Real-time Database Overview

Real time database technology is the combination of real time system and database technology. It collects data from various sources and store the data, to simplify the analysis,deliver and visualize of the data.

Now-days, in most organizations, especially at the process industry such as the oil plant or power plant, information originates and resides in a variety of sources and repositories including different systems, equipment, solutions, applications, locations, networks, suppliers and customers. These become, in essence, information islands, and traditionally the only way to communicate between them is through individual, human powered search-and-collation efforts.
With realtime database system, data from various sources can be transfers to the database system and stored, then the information worker can analyze the real time or historic data to find the potential to optimize the system, meanwhile the manager can understand the plant directly and easily so he can make decision in time.

A typical realtime database has such functions :
Collect, it shall has various interfaces to collect data from kinds of sources, these interfaces are often developed under standard such as OPC, Modbus, bucnet.
Historize, it shall handle the data realtime and meanwhile all data is stored as historic data, some compression technology must be applied to increase the store efficiency. Typically, data in the real time database system can be stored over 10 years, and all data can be accessed at any time.
Find, data stored in the real time database should be found easily at any time, so some tools will be supplied included Independent tools or tools combined with some other software like MS EXCEL. 
Analyze, to make the data more useful, a set of analytic tools such as alarms, summarization will be supplied to mine the information of data.
Deliver, to make the applications over the real time database get the data and information easily, some way to deliver the data is developed such as JDBC or SQL.
Visualize , Information workers at all levels want to visualize and analyze the real time database, so visualization tools such as web parts , report tools are supplied.

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