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Company Introduction

Shanghai Magus Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, direction focus on process industries in the area of production information. Magus sticks to self developing innovation, customizing the users’ actual requirements, independently developed a real-time database and a variety of applications, in this way magus step by step make its own contribution in improving the information construction of process industries in China. Magus has won the title of “high-tech enterprises in Shanghai”, “Third prize of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress” and “the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund project”. Company's products have achieved a good reputation and wide recognition in China process industry and China government. The born of real time database also break the block situation of monopoly which is import real-time database products in industry market of China. It earned a place in competition with imported products for domestic based software.

As the real-time database leader in process industry, Magus is committed to providing an integrated solution consist of data collection, compression-storage, analysis and decision support. Through the collection and storage to dealing with large amounts of data which are generated in the production process, we can verify and extract the experience of management, then covert these experience into knowledge through filter. Therefore we can provide the basis for processing decision for user, assist them to optimize equipment operation, to maximize return on assets, improve the enterprise's core competitiveness.

Magus keep digging user demands, stick to independent innovation, emphasis on staff training, and keep improving every node of operation management, to pursue excellent, Magus also ensured the product quality controllable and stability from research and development to on site implementation of the project.

openPlant® Real-time Database system developed in advanced software technology and architecture, it is mainly used in the automatic production process data collection, storage and supervision, it could assist user to realize the sharing of real-time data and eliminate “the information solitary island” in whole plant.

Foresighted industry needs, using advanced technology, inheriting the attitude of keeping up the times. Magus keep providing integrated solution methodology based on the real-time database technology of openPlant® in the following fields:
electric power industry
chemical industry
iron and steel industry
environmental conservation industry
These solutions provide the user with the basic determination factors to optimize the process resolutions and equipment operation management, therefore these integrated solutions will help users to improve work efficiency, reduce the production cost and increase the profitable.

The openPlant® integrated solutions has been wildly applied by power generation industry in China, such as the largest thermal power plant in China and nuclear power plant. The system is recognized as safe, reliability, high efficiency system, and every technical index has reached and over the mark level of similar foreign products.

Magus is keep growing, Step by step it becomes the leader of the process industry who has its own technology and characteristic. In Magus staff number of research & development team and project implementation team is over 70% percent, including software development, service, purchase, project management and quality verification. Every staff of our technical team has qualified professional training. They will gladly to provide you with the most qualified, most efficient service and technical support in anytime any place.

In present Magus has established more and more branch offices in east of China, north of China, central China, south of China, northeast of China, northwest of China, southwest of China, the service network is all over the country(China). 

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