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The performance of the company
S/N Project Name Scale DCS System
1 Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station TPMS 2×1000MW  
2 Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station KNS 2×1000MW  
3 Jiangsu Sunchem Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd 240,000T EPS JX-300X
4 Jiangsu Nantong Hongxin Chemical Co., Ltd 30,000T benzoic anhydride/year JX-300X / MACS Pro
5 Inner Mongolia Duolun Coal Chemical Project 1,380,000T NCPP TPS-3000
6 Inner Mongolia Datang International Tuoketuo Power Generation Co., Ltd 8×600MW Ovation
7 Datang Jilin Huichun Power Plant 2×100MW + 2×330MW I/A
8 China Power Investment Corporation Jilin Baishan Power Plant 2×300MW Ovation
9 China Power Investment Corporation Jilin Hunjiang Power Plant 2×200MW CENTUM
10 Datang Changchun No.3 Thermal Power Plant 2×300MW EDPF+
11 China Huaneng Group Liaoning Dandong Power Plant 2×350MW WDPF-II
12 Datang International Jinzhou Power Plant 2×300MW Ovation
13 Datang Changshan Power Plant 1×600MW Siemens
14 Datang Liaoyuan Power Plant 2×300MW MACS Pro
15 Datang Harbin No.1 Thermal Power Plant 2×300MW EDPF
16 China Power Investment Corporation Fushun Power Plant 2×300MW I/A
17 Datang Diaobingshan Gangue Power Plant 2×300MW MACS Pro
18 Baiyinhua Jinshan Mine Power Plant 2×600MW Ovation
19 Inner Mongolia Chifeng Gangue Power Plant 2×135MW XDPS
20 China Power Investment Corporation Shanxi Yongji Power Plant 2×300MW Symphony
21 China Power Investment Corporation Nanang Thermal Power Plant 2×200MW EDPF
22 Datang International Chaozhou Power Plant (Phase 2) 2×1000MW Hitachi
23 Datang International Ningde Power Plant (Phase 2) 2×600MW Ovation
24 Datang International Nantong Lvsi Power Plant 4×660MW Ovation
25 Datang International Daba Power Generation Plant 2×600MW I/A
26 Hebei Xibaipo Power Generation Plant (Phase 1) 4×300MW WDPF-II/ Ovation
27 Guangdong Yuedian Group Co., Ltd Zhuhai Power Plant 2×700MW DIASYS
28 Hebei Xibaipo Power Generation Plant (Phase 2) 2×600MW Symphony
29 Datang International Wushashan Power Plant 4×600MW I/A
30 Guangdong Jinwan Power Plant 2×600MW I/A
31 Datang International Chaozhou Power Plant (Phase 1) 2×600MW Hitachi
32 Datang International Ningde Power Plant (Phase 1) 2×600MW Ovation
33 China Huaneng Group Shanghai Shidongkou Power Plant 1×300MW infi-90
34 China Huaneng Group Shanghai Combustion Power Plant 3×390MW Siemens
35 China Huaneng Group Tianjin Yangliuqing Power Plant 2×300MW TelepermXP
36 China Huaneng Group Haikou Dongfang Power Plant 2×350MW XDPS
37 China Huaneng Group Haieng Power Plant 2×1036MW Ovation
38 Datang International Wangtan Power Plant 2×600MW Hitachi
39 Datang International Honghe Power Plant 2×300MW Hitachi
40 Guangdong Yuedian Group Shaoguan Power Plant 2×200MW + 2×330MW WDPF/Ovation/
41 Shanxi Wuxiang Hexin Power Plant 2×600MW Symphony
42 Datang International Yuncheng Power Generation Plant 2×600MW Ovation
43 China Huadian Corporation Guangxi Guigang Power Plant 2×600MW Ovation
44 Qinhuangdao Power Generation Plant 2×200MW + 4×300MW /MAX1000/XDPS
45 Datang Hebei Qian’an Power Generation Plant 2×200MW Hitachi
46 Datang Hebei Baoding Thermal Power Plant 2×200MW EDPF+
47 Wuhan Steel & Electricity Co., Ltd 2×200MW XDPS
48 Inner Mongolia Shangwan Thermal Power Plant 2×50MW XDPS
49 Shaanxi Daliuta Thermal Power Plant 2×50MW WDPF-II
50 Jiangsu Wujin Yaneng Thermal Power Plant 2×50MW WDPF-II
51 School of Electrical Engineering, Nantong University Laboratory Demonstration System JX-300X
52 Inner Mongolia Duolun Self-Owned Power Plant 5 furnaces and 3 generators Hitachi
53 Hohhot Guoneng Power Plant 2×300MW I/A
54 Mengdian Group Xilin Power Plant 2×300MW XDPS
55 Shunde Wusha Power Plant 2×300MW MACS Pro
56 Huaibei Guoan Power Plant 2×300MW WDPF-II
57 Guangdong Yuedian Group Shajiao C Power Plant 3×660MW infi-90
58 Guangdong Yuedian Group Zhanjiang Power Plant 4×300MW Symphony /infi-90
59 Guangdong Yuedian Group Huangpu Power Plant 2×300MW XDPS
60 Guangdong Yuedian Group Maoming Power Plant 3×100MW + 1×200MW + 1×300MW


61 Guangdong Yuedian Group Luoding Power Plant 2×135MW XDPS
62 Guangdong Yuedian Group Yangshan Power Plant 2×135MW MACS
63 Guangdong Yuedian Group Qianwan Power Plant 3×390MW DIASYS Netmation
64 Guangdong Yuedian Group Meixian County Power Plant

2×125MW + 2×135MW

65 Guangdong Yuedian Group Llainzhou Power Plant

2×125MW + 2×135MW

66 Guangdong Yuedian Group Shajiao Power Plant A 1×200MW + 2×210MW + 2×300MW H&B Symphony
67 Guangdong Yuedian Group Yunfu Power Plant 2×125MW + 2×135MW H&B Symphony
68 Guangdong Yuedian Group Jinghai Power Plant 2×600MW


69 Guizhou Pannan Power Plant 4×600MW XDPS/Symphony
70 Hubei Ezhou Power Plant 2×600MW Symphony
71 Shanxi Tonghua Power Co., Ltd Xuangang Power Plant 2×600MW I/A
72 Inner Mongolia Suancigou Gangue Power Plant 2×300MW XDPS
73 Inner Mongolia Zhunda Power Plant 2×300MW YOKOGAWA
74 Inner Mongolia Xinfeng Power Plant 2×300MW XDPS
75 Jilin Power Share Co., Ltd Siping Thermal Power Plant 2×300MW EDPF
76 Jilin Power Share Co., Ltd Songhuajiang River Thermal Power Plant 2×300MW EDPF
77 China Huaneng Group Jinling Power Plant 2×1000MW Ovation
78 China Huaneng Group Pingliang Power Plant 2×300MW Ovation
79 China Huaneng Group Yingkou Power Plant 2×300MW  
80 China Huaneng Group Jinggangshan Power Plant 2×300MW  
81 Hebei Xuanhua Power Plant 2×300MW  
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